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The Second Death by Caleb Peiffer


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Welcome to a post from the blog of Caleb Peiffer, creative author and Circle pi PG editor.

Author Hand Writing ImageBorn and raised in a Christian homeschooling family, I spent part of my childhood in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where I developed a love for the tranquil valleys and rural farmlands. I loved the outdoors, where my imagination could run as free as the winds, and the beauty of God’s creations, from nature to people, waited to be studied.

My love of books began the day I learned to read. Whenever indoors, I was most likely to be found in a cozy corner with a little book, exploring through words the wide expanses where my feet cannot tread. My dream of becoming a writer developed quickly, and it was at a young age that I first said to myself, “I want to write.” Since then, I have never looked back.

I believe curiosity is inherent to us all. That innate desire to understand the unkown is what attracts so many to the mystery genre. And, as something of a Nosy Parker, I was never an exception. From my boyhood days of listening to my mother read Trixie Belden, to my teen years of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, I have always had a passion for detective fiction. Though I have read many and diverse books, the detective’s quest to get at the truth will always be my preference.

My journey did not begin the day I wrote my first novel. I was a writer from the day I lifted my first pencil and resolved to pursue my dream. I have been following it ever since. Putting pencil to paper, that was the real outset of my journey: a writer’s journey, one that will never end.


by Caleb Peiffer


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Pattrick Clayton is a farmer in a somnolent Lancaster town, affable, charming, loved by all. Since his father died, and since he lost his brother in the World War, he has struggled to come to terms with the death that pitilessly pursues him. It only becomes worse when, to add to his grief, his aunt is found dead in her home. Not a year has passed since the armistice, and the beloved town gossip has been poisoned–and to all appearances, she poisoned herself.

Pattrick can’t believe it any more than the rest of the Claytons, whatever the police say. Investigations continue, but before any one can make up their mind, another death strikes the family, this time even closer to home. And this time there’s no doubt–it’s murder.

From the nearby city of Philadelphia comes retired private inquiry agent, Leo Westmacott. At first he’s only an old family friend come to pay his respects; but there’s no turning his back when duty calls, and soon he’s playing the role of sleuth once again. Now he has to readjust himself to the detection game and get to the bottom of these murders. The complaisant Pattrick Clayton agrees to help, and soon they are joined by Leo’s dependable secretary, the charming Miss Slaytor. The deeper they inquire into the lives and minds of the people of Mockingbird, the more they realize that life is no more innocent, no more docile, and no less dangerous in the country than on the backstreets of Philadelphia. As the truth becomes clearer, so does the frightfully realistic prospect of a third death.

Filled with vivid characters, flavored with heart, and steeped with wisdom, The Second Death is more than a study in murder and mystery but in loss, family, friendship, and death itself. A vivid cast of characters will light your way along an ingenious maze of secret and deception while the secretive Leo Westmacott will leave you completely in the dark until the final moment.

The Third Death, Coming Soon

Exciting news! I have begun work on the sequel to The Second Death; namely, Red and Lowering, by its working title. Tentatively, I project a July – August release date. I’ll be keeping you updated on that, and I’ll probably have an excerpt to share before long. For the meantime, here’s a rough blurb to whet your appetite:

Red and Lowering Gallow NooseLeo Westmacott has returned to Philadelphia, with his charming and dependable secretary, Rachel Slaytor, and his new assistant, Pattrick Clayton, by his side. But he’s returned to more than just this; newly come out of retirement, the antiquated seventy-nine-year-old sleuth has reemerged into the detective game, renewing gage of battle in his war against crime.

Nearly a year after Pattrick left the countryside, as he’s only beginning to acclimate to city life, the authorities ask Leo Westmacott for help. A Red conspirator has been brutally lynched for his anarchist activities, but that’s not the half of it. The man was secretly a spy. Now it’s up to Pattrick and Rachel to pick up where he left off, donning the undercover mantle in an attempt the spy’s murderer, and maybe root out a bomb plot or two. Sorting their friends from their enemies will not be easy–if possible at all.

As they venture into the shadows of political intrigue, the young sleuthing team will discover more than they signed up for . . .

Also On Its Way: Another Ambage Anthology

That’s right: the Ambage has another anthology on its way, and it’s shaping up to be even bigger and even better than before. I’ll keep you posted on that as well, so keep your eyes open!


The Second Death Paperback Now Available


Second Death Print Paperback HandheldThe day has arrived that a print copy of The Second Death can be purchased in paperback for $11.99 plus shipping and handling, from your choice of either Createspace or Amazon.

Createspace, if you are not familiar with it, is a print-on-demand service provided by Amazon. Each book is manufactured to meet orders, which means no excess books lying in warehouses or the author’s closet, and all without any costs greater than if you were ordering from any other online book retailer. It is a wonderful service and very customer-friendly, and I highly recommend you take a look.

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You

Through Amazon’s CreateSpace print-on-demand service, Second Death will soon be available in Bookshelfa paperback format.

The proof (or prototype) I ordered arrived and is now undergoing my careful scrutiny. I have a few modifications to make and nuances to tweak, and as soon as that’s done the book will go on sale for $11.99.

Now, eBooks have their place. They’re convenient and they’re cheaper; but they will never compare to holding a real book in your hands. To hold it: to feel its thickness, to caress its cover, to run a finger along the spine, to leaf through the pages; that is when the magic sinks in. A physical book feels real . . . and yet not real at all, for it is something a little more than reality.

But more than anything, it’s the words that really count. Paper is but the conductor for the magic conjured from the pen. I will always prefer printer’s ink, but even in E-ink the words are the same.

Stay posted, the paperback is just around the corner.