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Film Group – comic alpha


Circle pi Film Group has been inspired by a fusion of LEGO products, Reverend W. Awdry’s creation Thomas the Tank Engine, stop-motion practices employed in Wallace and Gromit animations, and the sheer creative genius of George Lucas and Walt Disney. 

Get the full comic alpha TODAY:
$17 at our website:
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Includes all of this:

  • Comic alpha – immediate electronic delivery of our completed alpha-comic. Ready to go today!
  • Comic beta – scheduled for August 2014 – refinements already underway.
  • Video alpha – scheduled for December 2014 – our beta-comic “storyboard” will be fused with narration, voicework, and audio & video effects – resulting in a non-animated video with all the bells and whistles except frame-by-frame animation – one step closer.
  • Discount when our fully animated video is released. Email & blog updates of the progress and journey.
  • Pride in being a part of educational entertainment that inspires and empowers the next generation. 

SNEAK PREVIEW! Here’s an abbreviated version:

FGlaunch - comic alpha (opt-in)

Film Group Under Development

Passions collide with interests in photography, videography, computer technologies, music studio recording, creative writing, and love of all things LEGO. These adult fans of LEGO are collaborating to refine creation studios and film studios, develop video storyboards – and eventually produce stop-motion shorts and feature films.