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2015-06-01 – DM – Summer Workshop: S$77

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Gather your notebook and pen … it’s time to sharpen those marketing skills.

If you are SERIOUS about achieving your dreams, goals, wants and desires, so you can stop hoping, wishing and struggling, then S$77 is for you. Take your business, venture or idea to the next level. You’ll be learning tips and techniques, processes and systems, concepts employed by multi-millionaire business owners.

It’s easy to be “busy” and consume your time trying to build your income. Instead, let’s take a shortcut … being “productive” in ways that actually result in real income … learning skills employed by masters in the field of online marketing … not in pursuit of the almighty dollar, rather, pursue long-term relationships that keep the river of money flowing.

You’re not on your own, I’m here to help, let’s write your success journey, together.

It’s work, be ready for hard work. Focused intensity creating meaningful results.


business plan – business model – branding
profitability – pricing – managing expenses
growing a passion into an empire

time management – balancing family
living a life while growing a business

web design – Google friendly website – SEO – traffic
email list building & marketing
social media audience, engagement & marketing

building customer relationships where people pass on the cheaper competition because they want to do business with you

You’ll receive weekly assignments – action steps that you’ll want to get done that week. Detailed step-by-step information you need to take your ministry or small business to the next level.

Serious results in seventy-seven days.


$47 Monthly Mentorship

2014-09-18 – DM – GLADitude

2014-09-18 - DM - GLADitude

The living the attitude of gratitude … thankful for the opportunity to serve others in a meaningful way (translation: work).

The journey of success demands that YOU work on you.

Find inspiration. Read books by champions who have overcome, entrepreneurs who picked themselves back up after huge loss. Grow your skills, build your faith and belief in what you’re doing. Build yourself up and train yourself for battle.

Control who you hang out with and who you allow to speak into your life. Don’t settle for good enough. Have an unyielding passion to become more.

Invest in yourself.

Fighting for your future has nothing to do with your past. Let it go. Face your reality now and keep moving forward.

Change your mindset in order to change your life. Believe God is bigger than any of your problems. Have faith, and allow God to grow it.

You change your life the moment you decide to not give up. Decide that you’re going to fight for your life. Don’t pray for God to be on your side, DO pray that you are on God’s side … He has planted seeds of greatness in you. He will supply the knowledge, resources, and mentors for every step of the way.

Don’t let your past dictate your future. It’s not the lack of resources, time or money that’s keeping you from moving forward, it’s BELIEF.  When you start to believe, you will become an unstoppable force. Believe with your whole heart that you can do whatever it its that you are setting out to do.

Stop operating in fear. Fear can paralyze, kill dreams and prevent action. Doubt and uncertainty are the precursors of fear. Your mind feeds off of them until you become full of fear … growing and dominating your thoughts … preventing you from taking actions that will create success.

When you operate in fear, you focus on the things that you are worrying about, creating nightmares about situations and outcomes that usually never happen.

Break free. Learn to focus and self-trigger positive and healthy thoughts … not just results, but enjoying the action steps along the way because they are part of the journey to success. Empowering thoughts that drive you to take action and do the things necessary to create forward momentum. Remind yourself of your goals, your purpose and your passions. Think of the end result. Visualize your own success. Believe in yourself. As you face your fears, you will defeat your fears. Your fears will strengthen you, making you stronger and more confident.

2014-09-15 – DM – Trouble Tree

2014-09-15 - DM - Trouble Tree

Each of us carries our burdens … struggles, hurdles, challenges, histories … of some kind.

A secret to success and achievement is learning to focus on what you have the power to control, and letting go of that which you can’t control.

Don’t pretend the troubles don’t exist … your subconscious knows better. But, you can learn to let it go.

Hang your troubles on your “trouble tree”. Let God worry about what you can’t control – let His light shine on them. You set about the work God has called you to do.

History: We’ve all made mistakes. Learn from them. But don’t dwell on them, don’t let them hold you back or make you feel less of who you can be. Those mistakes were just stepping stones on the path of life as you journey and grow into the greatness God has in store for you. Hang “your past” on your trouble tree.

Other people: Don’t worry about what other people think. Deep within you God planted a seed of purpose and greatness … others might not see it yet, or they’re “comfortable” ignoring their calling, or you’re being protected from going down a wrong path. Yes, you need discernment of respectful and appropriate interactions with humanity, but most of us worry too much about what others think. Hang “what other people think” on your trouble tree.

The list could go on. Hang “your troubles” on your trouble tree.

Visit your trouble tree daily to scream and acknowledge the struggles and challenges that do exist, add any new ones to the tree, then pray the troubles over to God, let Him worry about them, and you go on about your day, less burdened.

When you’re focused on your burdens, you’re distracted from the very activities and opportunities that could solve or alleviate those burdens.

Focus on the tasks you can control. Decide to step around the distractions and stay on task.

Choose to be happy. Devise and seed your day with triggers that put you in a happy place, without distracting you from productivity. Whether it’s music, a hand-written, a picture … whatever keeps you productively focused on accomplishing your tasks, and not distracted dwelling on the negative chatter going on inside your head about your “troubles”.

Maintain a simple checklist of your tasks for your day and week. Once a week look at your monthly and quarterly tasks. And once a month look at your annual and long-term tasks. If the list is too overwhelming, trim it down into do-able achievable chunks. As your skills of accomplishment grow, make the list bigger; but don’t burden yourself with un-realistic goals.

Avoid procrastination. Not all the steps are enjoyable, but they are the necessary steps to accomplish the goal, and we’ll be happier looking back at our growth and achievement for tacking the tasks that we were putting off. God’s abundance is yours … claim it in prayer … then set about the responsibility of doing the actions He’s called us to do in order to create the abundance.

Gladitude. Attack your task list with cheer … smile at the steps of accomplishment … celebrate the milestones … prod yourself to stay on task. You – can – do – this !



2014-09-11 – Remembering 9/11

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001, when you heard the news?

At the time I was in central Jersey, working in an electronics lab, performing quality control tests on circuit boards, awestruck with the news that our fleet of aircraft we used to transport our service techs was grounded. And the world as we knew it changed as the events of 9/11 unfolded.

A moment of silence, a moment of gratitude. Thankful for men and women who serve and have served in our police departments, fire & rescue, and armed forces.

Yes, our country has its issues, but I’m thankful for my nation, that in spite of terrorism, continues to fight for freedom, liberty and justice for all.

Choose to make a difference right where you are.

Live the best life you can. Be the best ____ that you are today. Strive to be even better tomorrow. Make a difference. Live your purpose.

We’re not going to be stopped.

We’re not going to be deterred.

We’re going to live our lives as Americans.

If you’re in business or ministry, part of a corporation or small or home operation, let me help you be even better. My goal is to help you experience extraordinary business, income and life, creating jobs as you grow. I’ll teach you how to use digital marketing to take your business or ministry to the next level.

2014-09-08 – DM – Mission Statement

2014-09-08 - DM - Mission Statement

Corey Peiffer’s Digital Marketing Mission Statement

I am committed to help people create A Better Business. A Better Life.

A journey of discovery, learning, application, coaching, hard work, and ultimately results. Helping people step from “where they’re at” to creating an extraordinary business, income, and life. Using digital marketing tools that are easy to use. Developing step-by-step blueprint plans that are simple to follow. Prompting self-development. Creating jobs by helping my students achieve abundant success where they hire staff. Helping to make this world a better place. Giving back to my community, locally, nationally, and internationally. Providing encouragement, support, relationship and culture. 

My expectation is to operate in excellence at all times with my customers’ results as my primary focus. All decisions will be made to provide my best service to them, creating efficient, effective results.

I expect to learn from my mistakes (which I’ll make), go above and beyond to correct my mistakes, under-sell and over-deliver, be the best servant I can be to my audience and clients, and build lasting friendships along the journey.

My goal is to be known as a “Results-Based” company that focuses on teaching, application (hard work), and actually achieving meaningful results.

While my business priorities are superseded by faith, family and flag, I will strive to not cut corners nor enter into relationships nor operate in any way that would violate my core values or service to my clients.

2014-09-04 – DM – Your Newsletter

2014-09-04 - DM - Your Newsletter

Your newsletter brings it all together.

  • Building rapport. People crave relationship … the opportunity to connect and belong.
  • Provide worthwhile content.
  • Direct response sales.

Big picture. You send your newsletter to your client list. They support your purpose.

  • Your eNewsletter gets emailed once a month to your highly targeted ideal client list.
  • As you prepare articles for your eNewsletter, the articles get posted on your WordPress blog, and emailed – Monday morning and Thursday morning.
  • As you prepare headlines, copy, pictures and videos for your articles, the “media” gets posted to Facebook. Daily.
  • Along the way, build relationship. Life happens. Connect, interact and engage with your client base. This creates lifestyle content for Facebook, your blog posts, and your newsletter.

As you master these areas, further refinements will bring together a comprehensive marketing plan.

  • Listening. Sale copy and ads won’t convert if you’re not paying attention to what the client wants and is asking for.
  • Facebook advertising.
  • YouTube, Pinterest, InstaGram and Hootsuite.
  • Member sites.
  • Analytics.
  • Reputation Management.

Let me know what’s working well, and where you’re getting stuck. I’m here to help.

2014-09-02 – DM – Serve The People

2014-09-02 - DM - Serve The People

What does the client want? They don’t want just another product or service. They don’t want to be sold. They do want the result your product or service delivers. They do want to buy.

They’re people. Treat them with respect. Serve the people.

Focus on the results, the benefits, the value you bring your clients.

People purchase products and services that make them feel “more better or less worse”.

Learn more about your clients and potential clients than you do your products or services, and you’ll go far. Ultimately, it’s a people business. Understand people, what makes them tick. Learn to talk to, influence, and serve people.

Share stories … yours and others.

Listen to them talk … what are they looking for? What do they want?

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Why are you in business? If it’s just to make money, stroke your ego, gain notoriety, or otherwise self-serve – then go do something else. But, if you have a marketable product or service that people have demonstrated that they love and will purchase, success is yours IF you focus on them. Serve the people.

Research your client, make sure your words resonate with them.

Be more interested in your clients than they are in you.

Be more interested in your clients than making money.

Be more interested in your clients than they are in buying your products or services.

Be more interested in listening to your clients and serving them than you are in being heard and having them respond.

Making money is the reward for your sincere and authentic interest and action in serving your clients.

2014-08-28 – DM – A Great Opt-In Offer

2014-07-03 - DM - OPT-IN Offer - edited

Speak your ideal client’s language. Use words they’re already using or hearing. It’s influenced by the news, media, magazines, and books they consume. Take a trip to your local bookstore. Look at all the magazines in your niche, pay close attention to headlines, articles and advertisements. In your niche’s book section, pay attention to titles, taglines, and cover graphics. Do a similar review on Amazon.

Once you’ve “listened” to what they’re already saying, speak back to them using their language.

Helpful tips for digitally deliverable opt-in offer content:

  • PDF. For documents, reports, eBooks, deliver it in PDF format. No more than two or three fonts, and limited use of graphics.
  • Video. Consumable. No longer than 8-10 minutes. If it’s longer, you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Give them enough useful information, but not too much.

2014-08-25 – DM – What does the CUSTOMER want?

Helping You Create A Better Business. A Better Life.

The short video above demonstrates a significant shift in marketing. It’s not about plastering my name, my company name, nor my product or service name as I would choose to label or categorize.

It is about using the words my customers would use.

For example: In the weight loss market, a prospective client will be more likely to respond to “Tired of holding your breath while tying your shoes?”, rather than yet another picture of a bottle of something to swallow. 

It’s time to get out of the way of your own success. Park your ego.

Don’t focus on what YOU like. 

DO focus on “What does the CUSTOMER want?”

Just because we, the business operators, like “A or B”, doesn’t mean that’s what the bulk of the customers want or will respond to.

Do some research. Pay attention to where your customers “hang out”. What words and phrases do they use when looking for the benefits your product or service provide?

Unless your “brand” is already world recognized, they’re not looking for you. They’re not looking for your business name.

They are looking for the RESULTING BENEFIT of the product or service you offer. So, lead with advertising the RESULT, and you’ll get a greater response.

2014-08-21 – DM – Growing Your List

2014-08-21 - DM - Growing Your List

Predictable results comes from having a substantial “house list” of highly targeted ideal clients. When you send out an email, they respond, and results happen.

The best way to grow your list is to whet their appetite with an “opt-in offer” so important to them that they’d be willing to pay for it. Make them say “I want that!” Then deliver a nugget-sized chunk of critical highly-valuable information that will benefit them immediately and gain results. They’ll come back, ravenous, craving more of what you’re feeding, because they’ve gained trust that bigger and better results will come.

But, our focus is not simply a large list. A great offer to the wrong people will not yield productive results … “Don’t send coffee ads to Pepsi drinkers.” You DO want a list of folks that are hungry for what you have to offer. Then when you present an offer, they’ll buy it, consume, and come back hungry for more.

Highly Targeted Ideal Client. Know you ideal client. What motivates them? What are their fear? What inspires them? What keeps them up at night? What do they lose sleep worrying about? What has them so excited that they can’t sleep?

Speak to your ideal client with words they’re already using. What motivates you is irrelevant … focus on what motivates them.

Relationship. People love stories. Facts and figures are important support information, but weave a good story and people will be eating out of your hand. No-one watches a TV show for the commercials (except maybe the SuperBowl) … they do want to “connect” with the show, and along the way they’ll buy what’s on the commercials.