Playing the piano since age 8.

Corey Peiffer currently shares his music passion online and in the Vero Beach, Florida, community – director of two community choirs, organist/pianist/vocalist at church, live piano and voice entertainer, piano and voice lessons (instructing in-person and online).

Born into a church singing family and raised in Pennsylvania’s farm country (northeast of Hershey and Lancaster). Operated nuclear reactors on US Navy submarines. Sales. Marketing. Corporate Quality Management. Self-driven. Can-do-attitude. Everything from CEO to janitor. But, his true love – his wife (and music)!

Corey gets a true joy from music — whether he’s singing, playing the piano, teaching voice and piano, playing the church organ, directing local private community choirs, creating a party atmosphere leading sing-a-longs, performing from his self-designed and self-built portable electronic grand piano, or recording in the studio — music is his passion! Educated by a series of private professors and mentors. Refined by years of dedication.

Husband. Father. Corey and his wife (married twenty-nine (29) years) are committed to each other, apprenticing their two young adult sons, and educating their two daughters from China. Taking time for faith and family. Developing children into responsible and productive adults.