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don’t lose your focus:
2015-06-12 2014-07-25 - family

Good vocal shape:
tall and narrow
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Saturday is CHEAT DAY!
What are you gonna eat?
Let’s write your story.
I’ve lost over 35# so far.

2015-06-11 SIOmp

When facing a mountainous problem – do not quit. Climb over – tunnel underneath – find a pass through – speak with mountain-moving faith – nothing will be impossible for you.
2015-06-12 climb mountain

Have a heart for people. Get to know them. Get to understand what they want. Serve them. Then you can add value to them.
Slow down. Talk. Listen. Connect. Relate.

1-2 meal replacement shakes each day (except Saturday)
sometimes the meal can be simple:
6 oz (half package) of Johnsonville smoked meats
14.5 oz (whole can) of green beans
spices to taste
delicious – filling
so far I lost over 35# on my fitness journey
2015-06-10 SIOmp

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Allow God to turn my little beginnings (limited talent, money, education, contacts) into infinite possibilities. He is the unending resource for the accomplishment of my dreams.

Relationships. People will drive past the competition to do business with people they like. Not the “company,” but the “people.” Take the time to get to know your customers. Relate. Remember the little details. You’ll gain a customer for life.

Sometimes family time is straight out fun.

Sometimes family time is work time. I’m blessed to spend most of my work day co-laboring with family. Plus, why spend my day working closely with another man’s wife, or working with men that have very different belief systems (reminded of my past model, working as an employee for my then employer).

Sometimes it’s dealing with life’s challenges … together.

Sometimes family time is giving back – being a friend – and lending one’s skills to folks that could use a helping hand in a project where your skill sets could be of value.

2015-06-10 2014-07-05 family

Proud of my faith.
Proud of my nation.
We all have our times of glory and moments of humility.
Let’s work hard to become a generation worth remembering.
2015-06-10 2014-06-07 America - statue of liberty