2015-06-01 – DM – Summer Workshop: S$77

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Gather your notebook and pen … it’s time to sharpen those marketing skills.

If you are SERIOUS about achieving your dreams, goals, wants and desires, so you can stop hoping, wishing and struggling, then S$77 is for you. Take your business, venture or idea to the next level. You’ll be learning tips and techniques, processes and systems, concepts employed by multi-millionaire business owners.

It’s easy to be “busy” and consume your time trying to build your income. Instead, let’s take a shortcut … being “productive” in ways that actually result in real income … learning skills employed by masters in the field of online marketing … not in pursuit of the almighty dollar, rather, pursue long-term relationships that keep the river of money flowing.

You’re not on your own, I’m here to help, let’s write your success journey, together.

It’s work, be ready for hard work. Focused intensity creating meaningful results.


business plan – business model – branding
profitability – pricing – managing expenses
growing a passion into an empire

time management – balancing family
living a life while growing a business

web design – Google friendly website – SEO – traffic
email list building & marketing
social media audience, engagement & marketing

building customer relationships where people pass on the cheaper competition because they want to do business with you

You’ll receive weekly assignments – action steps that you’ll want to get done that week. Detailed step-by-step information you need to take your ministry or small business to the next level.

Serious results in seventy-seven days.


$47 Monthly Mentorship