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2014-08-28 – DM – A Great Opt-In Offer

2014-07-03 - DM - OPT-IN Offer - edited

Speak your ideal client’s language. Use words they’re already using or hearing. It’s influenced by the news, media, magazines, and books they consume. Take a trip to your local bookstore. Look at all the magazines in your niche, pay close attention to headlines, articles and advertisements. In your niche’s book section, pay attention to titles, taglines, and cover graphics. Do a similar review on Amazon.

Once you’ve “listened” to what they’re already saying, speak back to them using their language.

Helpful tips for digitally deliverable opt-in offer content:

  • PDF. For documents, reports, eBooks, deliver it in PDF format. No more than two or three fonts, and limited use of graphics.
  • Video. Consumable. No longer than 8-10 minutes. If it’s longer, you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Give them enough useful information, but not too much.

2014-08-25 – DM – What does the CUSTOMER want?

Helping You Create A Better Business. A Better Life.

The short video above demonstrates a significant shift in marketing. It’s not about plastering my name, my company name, nor my product or service name as I would choose to label or categorize.

It is about using the words my customers would use.

For example: In the weight loss market, a prospective client will be more likely to respond to “Tired of holding your breath while tying your shoes?”, rather than yet another picture of a bottle of something to swallow. 

It’s time to get out of the way of your own success. Park your ego.

Don’t focus on what YOU like. 

DO focus on “What does the CUSTOMER want?”

Just because we, the business operators, like “A or B”, doesn’t mean that’s what the bulk of the customers want or will respond to.

Do some research. Pay attention to where your customers “hang out”. What words and phrases do they use when looking for the benefits your product or service provide?

Unless your “brand” is already world recognized, they’re not looking for you. They’re not looking for your business name.

They are looking for the RESULTING BENEFIT of the product or service you offer. So, lead with advertising the RESULT, and you’ll get a greater response.

2014-08-21 – DM – Growing Your List

2014-08-21 - DM - Growing Your List

Predictable results comes from having a substantial “house list” of highly targeted ideal clients. When you send out an email, they respond, and results happen.

The best way to grow your list is to whet their appetite with an “opt-in offer” so important to them that they’d be willing to pay for it. Make them say “I want that!” Then deliver a nugget-sized chunk of critical highly-valuable information that will benefit them immediately and gain results. They’ll come back, ravenous, craving more of what you’re feeding, because they’ve gained trust that bigger and better results will come.

But, our focus is not simply a large list. A great offer to the wrong people will not yield productive results … “Don’t send coffee ads to Pepsi drinkers.” You DO want a list of folks that are hungry for what you have to offer. Then when you present an offer, they’ll buy it, consume, and come back hungry for more.

Highly Targeted Ideal Client. Know you ideal client. What motivates them? What are their fear? What inspires them? What keeps them up at night? What do they lose sleep worrying about? What has them so excited that they can’t sleep?

Speak to your ideal client with words they’re already using. What motivates you is irrelevant … focus on what motivates them.

Relationship. People love stories. Facts and figures are important support information, but weave a good story and people will be eating out of your hand. No-one watches a TV show for the commercials (except maybe the SuperBowl) … they do want to “connect” with the show, and along the way they’ll buy what’s on the commercials.

2014-08-18 – DM – Ask Your Questions

2014-08-18 - DM - Ask Your Questions

You’re here to achieve results. I’m here to serve you, providing steering guidance to help you accomplish the changes you’re seeking.

Tell me how I can serve you better.

Where are you stuck?

Break-through is around the corner.

I’ll help you get there.

Ask your questions!

2014-08-14 – List-Building, Opt-In & Traffic

2014-08-14 - List-Building, Opt-In & Traffic

I’ve built six-figure businesses the hard way. Face-to-face. Belly-to-belly. One-to-one. Meeting after meeting. You slow down, the income slows down. You ramp it up, but after a while you need a break.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re marketing a ministry, brick & mortar business, network marketing, books, music, or houses.

It’s time for something better: ONE-TO-MANY.

Building a size-able highly targeted ideal client list is key.

A world where your audience gobbles up your newsletter, reads and responds to your emails, follows and engages with you on social media, and is excited to hand over their hard-earned cold hard cash for your products and services.

The ultimate success is your pile clients that achieve the desired result … they found you because they were looking to solve some urgent pressing need in their life … and you helped them accomplish it!

List-Building. Why a list? You send out an email, and substantial desired results come rolling in. Whether you’re getting people to physically come to your store or event, sign-up for classes, or make a financial transaction to purchase products or services right then and there online. Regular clients on a list. Send them updates, breaking news, and ask for the sale!

Opt-In Offer. You’ve got to build the list. What are you offering so people are drawn to you? Something that is worthwhile and compelling enough that people will trade protected access to their personal connection (their email address) for your information? Give them a tasty morsel, get them craving the full course of what you have to offer. Deliver your opt-in offer’s information so well that they’ll look forward to buying your product or service.

Traffic. All roads lead to your blog. Don’t solicit (spam), but do comment and compliment on like minded blogs … do have your website URL attached. Contribute to discussion, forums and Facebook groups … again don’t solicit, but do link your URL. Rather than sending prospects directly to YouTube, embed the video on a page or post and have them watch it there … that way Google sees traffic on your website.

2014-08-11 – DM – 1-page Simple Digital Marketing Plan

You’re excited to get the fruits of your ambitions in front of lots of people … so you can sell, serve, or attract people to you.

Whether you’re a musician, author, church, small business, realtor, interior designer, contractor, MLM’r or network marketer — you have a product, service or experience that you are proud of … ready to connect to many people.

sub-niche icons

Take five minutes, sip your favorite beverage, bring a notepad, and read through the linked 1-page Simple Digital Marketing Plan.

business plan on a napkin (or yellow sticky) with pen and coffee


Questions will arise. We’re here to help.

Ask on my Facebook page:

2014-08-07 – DM – Authenticity

2014-08-07 - Authenticity

Be you. On your website, blog, social media, and in person.

People want someone they can relate to. They want to know you’re “real”.

Think about your favorite local businesses. You might run into the owner and their family at a local restaurant, at church, shopping at the grocery store, in line at the movies, at the park, or simply pumping gas. You know their name, their spouse & kids, and personal (although not private) information.

Real life happens. Real living. People will relate and connect, support and fall in love with you … excited to see your email come across their inbox.

2014-08-05 – DM – Building Relationships

We’ve all had those experiences where we’re at a social gathering and somebody just wants to talk about work … or worse, takes advantage of that social tranquility and interrupts with a commercial for their product or service. There’s a time and a place to provide more information, and follow-up. But don’t YOU be that pushy salesman at the backyard cookout.


Social media platforms follow the same principles. DON’T pitch, pitch, pitch. Instead, spend the bulk of your social media time relating to people … focusing on lifestyle with a subtle tie to your business. One out of seven posts should definitely be pitching your product. After all, you do have a business to promote. But, keept the rest focused on lifestyle, interests, encouragement, and similar topics.