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2014-01-15 – DM – [digital] First Impression

Whether tackling social media with existing staff members (DO-IT-YOURSELF-ish), on your own (truly DO-IT-YOURSELF), or outsourcing (DONE-FOR-YOU), your first impression and ongoing presence is just as important in the “virtual world” as it is in the “real world”.

Would you meet a new or existing client looking like you just jumped out of bed? No.

Do you maintain the high quality business face of your store front and public spaces of your business property? Of course.

Does your internet presence have cobwebs? Dirt and debris? Is there digital branding consistency between your brick-and-mortar facility, printed brochures/documents, website, and social media platforms? Do you post both professionally and personally? Do you blog? When’s the last time you posted, tweeted, friended, etc.? Are you capitalizing on the multiple-income-stream value from years of building trusted client relationships?

Word-of-mouth can be your best (and worst) marketing. Social media platforms take word-of-mouth marketing to a new level. Gaps, inconsistencies, and confusion can hurt your digital presence … damaging your ability to drive traffic to your business.

It’s time to capitalize on social media and make it work for you. Imagine the happy socialite client that posts what a wonderful experience they had with your business. Their circle of influence quickly reaches an extended circle of influence through virtual peer interaction, and suddenly people that never gave you a second thought are becoming interested consumers eager to skip your competition and go out of there way to do business with you — all because a friend of a friend said “XYZ”!

DO-IT-YOURSELF – Whether strictly yourself or delegated to staff members … coaching, assessments, social media checklists, and refined details can make you stand out and shine in the digital world … driving motivated consumer traffic to your doorstep.

DONE-FOR-YOU – Already overwhelmed with running your business? Our team can assist as much or as little as you need — all to keep your new and existing clients informed, aware, interested and ready to spend their cash for your product/service.