2014-09-08 – DM – Mission Statement

2014-09-08 - DM - Mission Statement

Corey Peiffer’s Digital Marketing Mission Statement

I am committed to help people create A Better Business. A Better Life.

A journey of discovery, learning, application, coaching, hard work, and ultimately results. Helping people step from “where they’re at” to creating an extraordinary business, income, and life. Using digital marketing tools that are easy to use. Developing step-by-step blueprint plans that are simple to follow. Prompting self-development. Creating jobs by helping my students achieve abundant success where they hire staff. Helping to make this world a better place. Giving back to my community, locally, nationally, and internationally. Providing encouragement, support, relationship and culture. 

My expectation is to operate in excellence at all times with my customers’ results as my primary focus. All decisions will be made to provide my best service to them, creating efficient, effective results.

I expect to learn from my mistakes (which I’ll make), go above and beyond to correct my mistakes, under-sell and over-deliver, be the best servant I can be to my audience and clients, and build lasting friendships along the journey.

My goal is to be known as a “Results-Based” company that focuses on teaching, application (hard work), and actually achieving meaningful results.

While my business priorities are superseded by faith, family and flag, I will strive to not cut corners nor enter into relationships nor operate in any way that would violate my core values or service to my clients.