2014-09-04 – DM – Your Newsletter

2014-09-04 - DM - Your Newsletter

Your newsletter brings it all together.

  • Building rapport. People crave relationship … the opportunity to connect and belong.
  • Provide worthwhile content.
  • Direct response sales.

Big picture. You send your newsletter to your client list. They support your purpose.

  • Your eNewsletter gets emailed once a month to your highly targeted ideal client list.
  • As you prepare articles for your eNewsletter, the articles get posted on your WordPress blog, and emailed – Monday morning and Thursday morning.
  • As you prepare headlines, copy, pictures and videos for your articles, the “media” gets posted to Facebook. Daily.
  • Along the way, build relationship. Life happens. Connect, interact and engage with your client base. This creates lifestyle content for Facebook, your blog posts, and your newsletter.

As you master these areas, further refinements will bring together a comprehensive marketing plan.

  • Listening. Sale copy and ads won’t convert if you’re not paying attention to what the client wants and is asking for.
  • Facebook advertising.
  • YouTube, Pinterest, InstaGram and Hootsuite.
  • Member sites.
  • Analytics.
  • Reputation Management.

Let me know what’s working well, and where you’re getting stuck. I’m here to help.