2014-08-28 – DM – A Great Opt-In Offer

2014-07-03 - DM - OPT-IN Offer - edited

Speak your ideal client’s language. Use words they’re already using or hearing. It’s influenced by the news, media, magazines, and books they consume. Take a trip to your local bookstore. Look at all the magazines in your niche, pay close attention to headlines, articles and advertisements. In your niche’s book section, pay attention to titles, taglines, and cover graphics. Do a similar review on Amazon.

Once you’ve “listened” to what they’re already saying, speak back to them using their language.

Helpful tips for digitally deliverable opt-in offer content:

  • PDF. For documents, reports, eBooks, deliver it in PDF format. No more than two or three fonts, and limited use of graphics.
  • Video. Consumable. No longer than 8-10 minutes. If it’s longer, you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Give them enough useful information, but not too much.