2014-08-25 – DM – What does the CUSTOMER want?

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The short video above demonstrates a significant shift in marketing. It’s not about plastering my name, my company name, nor my product or service name as I would choose to label or categorize.

It is about using the words my customers would use.

For example: In the weight loss market, a prospective client will be more likely to respond to “Tired of holding your breath while tying your shoes?”, rather than yet another picture of a bottle of something to swallow. 

It’s time to get out of the way of your own success. Park your ego.

Don’t focus on what YOU like. 

DO focus on “What does the CUSTOMER want?”

Just because we, the business operators, like “A or B”, doesn’t mean that’s what the bulk of the customers want or will respond to.

Do some research. Pay attention to where your customers “hang out”. What words and phrases do they use when looking for the benefits your product or service provide?

Unless your “brand” is already world recognized, they’re not looking for you. They’re not looking for your business name.

They are looking for the RESULTING BENEFIT of the product or service you offer. So, lead with advertising the RESULT, and you’ll get a greater response.