2014-08-21 – DM – Growing Your List

2014-08-21 - DM - Growing Your List

Predictable results comes from having a substantial “house list” of highly targeted ideal clients. When you send out an email, they respond, and results happen.

The best way to grow your list is to whet their appetite with an “opt-in offer” so important to them that they’d be willing to pay for it. Make them say “I want that!” Then deliver a nugget-sized chunk of critical highly-valuable information that will benefit them immediately and gain results. They’ll come back, ravenous, craving more of what you’re feeding, because they’ve gained trust that bigger and better results will come.

But, our focus is not simply a large list. A great offer to the wrong people will not yield productive results … “Don’t send coffee ads to Pepsi drinkers.” You DO want a list of folks that are hungry for what you have to offer. Then when you present an offer, they’ll buy it, consume, and come back hungry for more.

Highly Targeted Ideal Client. Know you ideal client. What motivates them? What are their fear? What inspires them? What keeps them up at night? What do they lose sleep worrying about? What has them so excited that they can’t sleep?

Speak to your ideal client with words they’re already using. What motivates you is irrelevant … focus on what motivates them.

Relationship. People love stories. Facts and figures are important support information, but weave a good story and people will be eating out of your hand. No-one watches a TV show for the commercials (except maybe the SuperBowl) … they do want to “connect” with the show, and along the way they’ll buy what’s on the commercials.