2014-08-14 – List-Building, Opt-In & Traffic

2014-08-14 - List-Building, Opt-In & Traffic

I’ve built six-figure businesses the hard way. Face-to-face. Belly-to-belly. One-to-one. Meeting after meeting. You slow down, the income slows down. You ramp it up, but after a while you need a break.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re marketing a ministry, brick & mortar business, network marketing, books, music, or houses.

It’s time for something better: ONE-TO-MANY.

Building a size-able highly targeted ideal client list is key.

A world where your audience gobbles up your newsletter, reads and responds to your emails, follows and engages with you on social media, and is excited to hand over their hard-earned cold hard cash for your products and services.

The ultimate success is your pile clients that achieve the desired result … they found you because they were looking to solve some urgent pressing need in their life … and you helped them accomplish it!

List-Building. Why a list? You send out an email, and substantial desired results come rolling in. Whether you’re getting people to physically come to your store or event, sign-up for classes, or make a financial transaction to purchase products or services right then and there online. Regular clients on a list. Send them updates, breaking news, and ask for the sale!

Opt-In Offer. You’ve got to build the list. What are you offering so people are drawn to you? Something that is worthwhile and compelling enough that people will trade protected access to their personal connection (their email address) for your information? Give them a tasty morsel, get them craving the full course of what you have to offer. Deliver your opt-in offer’s information so well that they’ll look forward to buying your product or service.

Traffic. All roads lead to your blog. Don’t solicit (spam), but do comment and compliment on like minded blogs … do have your website URL attached. Contribute to discussion, forums and Facebook groups … again don’t solicit, but do link your URL. Rather than sending prospects directly to YouTube, embed the video on a page or post and have them watch it there … that way Google sees traffic on your website.