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2013-12-15 – DM – DO-IT-YOURSELF or DONE-FOR-YOU

On your car … do you crawl in, under and around the vehicle to change the oil, rotate the tires and replace brake pads?

At your home … do you crank up the lawn mower, break into the walls and pipes, and climb the trees with a chainsaw?


Maybe you can “Do It All”, but should you? By taking the time to do “Project A”, who’s looking after “Project B”?

A good CEO knows his/her strengths as well as weaknesses … and recruits talent to make certain all departments are led by experienced people with strengths in those areas.

Do you have time to “Do It All”? Can you afford to take twice the time with only mediocre results? Take a good honest look at yourself … self-assess … know when it’s right to DO-IT-YOURSELF, and know when it’s right to have it DONE-FOR-YOU.

Small business ownership often requires you to have the role of marketer, bookkeper, salesperson, janitor, website developer, computer whiz, social media manager, handyman, plumber … you name it. While it is great that you are capable of being flexible and versatile while handling the multiple roles in business, sometimes it’s best to leave certain tasks to folks with the right strengths, specialized training, support staff, tools, etc. to get the job done right, effectively and efficiently.

60-80 hour work weeks? Is that the dream you signed up for? Seriously, count up how many hours you are really dedicating to work … maybe it’s time to off-load some of those roles. Your time, energy, and resources are limited. It’s impossible for one person to know it all. And as soon you master it, something changes! When you bring in other people, they bring in different perspectives, ideas, and areas of expertise. Knowing how to properly delegate or outsource work and knowing when to seek professional advice can be a big factor in whether a business is successful or not.

Professionals can bring a great deal of value to your business, especially in areas like marketing, sales training and technology. Seek out the right resources to help you get the job done. Outsourcing certain functions can also make a lot of sense for many companies.