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2013-11-22 November

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2013-11-17 Cpi - sherbet chairs
Sherbet bus stop. Enroute to a piano student’s house, there are four colorful chairs provided by the property’s business. Almost makes you want to hop a ride on the GoLine bus system.

  • Greeter at a client’s condo. Stopped in to assist her with computer issues, and greeted by her stylin’ decorations.
  • Helped a client transport four van loads of no longer needed quality furniture to Habitat for Humanity’s Home Center.
  • Nautical Fall. Voice lesson client’s entryway was decorated for fall.
    2013-11-20 CpiML - voice lessons
  • Rehearsed with the Men’s Choir at First United Methodist Church.

2013-11-16 November

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2013-11-11 CpiMC - site planning for Christmas event
Site planning for an upcoming Christmas event.
Piano. Caroling. Show.
Making their Christmas season a fab-u-lous experience!

  • Gathered around the fire pit – roasting hot dogs. Good conversation. Good food. Time with family. Priceless. Watch the video.
  • Family day at the park. Headstands. Yoga? Football.
  • On the way to choir rehearsal and what did I see? A beautifully restored Metropolitan. Gorgeous little car. For a guy who grew up on a car lot, I’ve got a lot of respect for the love and care that went in to that restoration.
  • Helped a client in their driveway. Ran a small air compressor to top off their tire that was going flat.
  • At my client’s house for voice lessons.
    2013-11-13 CpiML - voice lessons
  • This is Vero Beach? Not the usual tranquility at the beach this week. In a matter of minutes I was chilled to the bone and off-kilter for days afterward.
  • Little purple-ish flowers growing everywhere around the county. ‘Tis the season?
  • For those who love words. This by my eight-year-old daughter, with a little help from her wordsmith brother … sesquipedalian.
  • Enjoyed the beautiful flowers while listening to the sermon.
  • Played the piano.
  • Wore the headset microphone.
  • Played the organ and led hymn singing.
  • Ring the church bell!
    2013-11-10 Cpi - ring that church bell

2013-11-09 November

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2013-11-09 CpiCS - fresh paint on the mailbox
Fresh paint on a client’s mailbox – to match the house!
Fresh paint on the soffit. Usually pressure washing gets soffits clean, but sometimes the grunge build-up just needs fresh paint – especially at the front entrance!

  • SCREWING UP! Can be a good thing. Installed a ceiling mounted light fixture for a client..
  • Yes, I should have thought to take a picture BEFORE it was half gone, but that sandwich from the Red Onion Eatery was so delicious it was begging for a photograph.
  • ‘Twas a windy day in Vero Beach. Watch the video!