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2013-09-15 – DM – Effective Marketing

Know your target audience. Are they part of the generation that still reads the newspaper every day? Do they even know where their phonebook is? I’m 44 and might have touched a phonebook five times in the last five years. If you’re marketing to me, don’t use the phonebook!

Right tool for the right product/service. Selling high ticket items (infrequent purchase, house, car) on a social media site advertisement presents unique challenges. Influencing decisive input from adult children of aging parents might demand a host of internet based strategies.

Deciding whether to DO-IT-YOURSELF, or have it DONE-FOR-YOU? Do you really have several hours a day or week to dedicate to the nurturing administration of an effective online presence? There’s likely much higher importance tasks that require your attention. Can your office staff spare 5-10 hours or more per week? Do they have the necessary skills, or will it take them 20 hours to do a mediocre job while an expert can do a better job in half the time? We can train and coach you and/or your staff; or we can glean your wisdom and guidance and render services directly.