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Serving the Vero Beach community

Live Performance: birthday and anniversary celebrations, cocktails, socials, Christmas sing-a-longs.

Music Company - caricature

2''w x 1.5''h live piano - eGrand cutout

Organist at First United Methodist Church.

FUMCmusic content header - 600w

Director of the John’s Island Singers:

JIS logo - 960 to 600w

Pianist for the Sea Oaks Chorus:

SOC logo

Private coach for piano and voice lessons:

2''w x 1.5''h piano & voice lessons

Custom Audio Projects:
– record special events and create treasured memories
– make a CD of your reading nursery rhymes or singing lullabies to your grandchildren

2''w x 1.5''h record nursery rhymes or singing lullabies (purple)

Need a piano tuner? Contact us.
Always happy to recommend the talented folks who make me sound good
by properly caring for the Vero Beach pianos I get to play.

Circle pi Family of Companies

Music Company
Red Thread Children
Film Group
Publishing Group
Concierge Services
Social Media
Custom Video Creation

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The Third Death, Coming Soon

Exciting news! I have begun work on the sequel to The Second Death; namely, Red and Lowering, by its working title. Tentatively, I project a July – August release date. I’ll be keeping you updated on that, and I’ll probably have an excerpt to share before long. For the meantime, here’s a rough blurb to whet your appetite:

Red and Lowering Gallow NooseLeo Westmacott has returned to Philadelphia, with his charming and dependable secretary, Rachel Slaytor, and his new assistant, Pattrick Clayton, by his side. But he’s returned to more than just this; newly come out of retirement, the antiquated seventy-nine-year-old sleuth has reemerged into the detective game, renewing gage of battle in his war against crime.

Nearly a year after Pattrick left the countryside, as he’s only beginning to acclimate to city life, the authorities ask Leo Westmacott for help. A Red conspirator has been brutally lynched for his anarchist activities, but that’s not the half of it. The man was secretly a spy. Now it’s up to Pattrick and Rachel to pick up where he left off, donning the undercover mantle in an attempt the spy’s murderer, and maybe root out a bomb plot or two. Sorting their friends from their enemies will not be easy–if possible at all.

As they venture into the shadows of political intrigue, the young sleuthing team will discover more than they signed up for . . .

Also On Its Way: Another Ambage Anthology

That’s right: the Ambage has another anthology on its way, and it’s shaping up to be even bigger and even better than before. I’ll keep you posted on that as well, so keep your eyes open!


Film Group Under Development

Passions collide with interests in photography, videography, computer technologies, music studio recording, creative writing, and love of all things LEGO. These adult fans of LEGO are collaborating to refine creation studios and film studios, develop video storyboards – and eventually produce stop-motion shorts and feature films.