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The Second Death Paperback Now Available


Second Death Print Paperback HandheldThe day has arrived that a print copy of The Second Death can be purchased in paperback for $11.99 plus shipping and handling, from your choice of either Createspace or Amazon.

Createspace, if you are not familiar with it, is a print-on-demand service provided by Amazon. Each book is manufactured to meet orders, which means no excess books lying in warehouses or the author’s closet, and all without any costs greater than if you were ordering from any other online book retailer. It is a wonderful service and very customer-friendly, and I highly recommend you take a look.

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Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You

Through Amazon’s CreateSpace print-on-demand service, Second Death will soon be available in Bookshelfa paperback format.

The proof (or prototype) I ordered arrived and is now undergoing my careful scrutiny. I have a few modifications to make and nuances to tweak, and as soon as that’s done the book will go on sale for $11.99.

Now, eBooks have their place. They’re convenient and they’re cheaper; but they will never compare to holding a real book in your hands. To hold it: to feel its thickness, to caress its cover, to run a finger along the spine, to leaf through the pages; that is when the magic sinks in. A physical book feels real . . . and yet not real at all, for it is something a little more than reality.

But more than anything, it’s the words that really count. Paper is but the conductor for the magic conjured from the pen. I will always prefer printer’s ink, but even in E-ink the words are the same.

Stay posted, the paperback is just around the corner.