2013-10 October

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2013-10-24 CpiMC - planning Christmas parties
Planning live piano and sing-a-long’s for this season’s Christmas parties!

  • While keeping an eye on a client’s house, we realized one of the neighbors was keeping an eye on us! A large frog.
  • Remodeled a garage for a client. Floor has been cleared, cleaned, epoxy coating applied and decorated with speckles. Walls are repaired, primed and painted.
  • Pressure washing in the rain! Got rid of a client’s seasonal grunge. Poolside. Soffits. Pavers.
  • Installed and set up a new computer for a client.
  • Planned live piano for an upcoming wedding, cocktail hour, and dinner music.
  • Celebrating all things Vero – http://theVeroBlog.com
    2013-10-26 - Sexton Plaza point - dusk
  • Music. Video. Construction. Architecture. Design. What if?
    Designed and constructed a scale model of a project site.
  • Jaw down, tongue forward, soft palate lifted – great vocal technique!
    2013-10-29 CpiMC - vocal shape