2013-07-25 – Thursday

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  • Family. My girls were excited to check on a cocoon every day for weeks. A few days ago the butterfly had trouble getting out of its cocoon. It was never able to fly and we were not successful in bringing food it wanted to it. The girls were to have it die rather than fly away in all its glory.

For my friends that either live in, or know people in, the states of Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York:
I just started a new work project. Can you give me a simple yes or no, are you motivated to explore new income opportunities?
2013-07-25 pitch Ignite

  • We’re not perfect. I’ve had my share of sins and mistakes – learning experiences that molded me into who I am today. Striving to be the best I can. Still a sinner. Still making mistakes. Fighting the good fight. Struggling to be all that I can be.
  • Adoption. By choice, we have become a family. First in our hearts, and finally in breath and being.
    – Richard Fischer
  • Technology. I’ve always enjoyed electronics. That interest led toward my Navy career as an electronics technician and nuclear reactor operator on submarines. As a musician I’ve always enjoyed how technology can help me do what I do better – for me and for my clients. Today I’m privileged to be using my techno-geek-musician skills to be slicing last night’s digital recording of a rehearsal with a local veterinarian that hired me to help her prepare for auditions at a local community theater. These sliced tracks will help her rehearse on her own on the days between our coaching sessions.
  • The longer it takes you to take that step into the unknown, the longer it will take you to turn your life around.
  • Find the right tribe. Have a core group of friends – positive influences. Commit to them. Stick with them.
  • Accomplishment is measured in inches.
    “By the mile it’s a trial; by the yard it’s hard; but by the inch life’s a cinch!”
    – Zig Ziglar
  • Don’t look back at what was wrong or needed to be fixed.
    Do focus on who you are becoming.
  • Proud To Be An American.
  • Be a part of a community. There’s a profound sense in belonging. It’s not “I’m on my own and I’ve got to make it in this world.” Rather, it’s “I belong to this place. People around here care for me; care bout me.” Faith is key to happiness. Develop your online and offline social networks.
    – adapted from Success magazine
  • Bring you best self with you everywhere you go.
    – PJ McClure