2013-07-24 – Wednesday

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  • There’s much more to life than amassing a fortune. Everyone has needs, and certain luxuries are always welcome, but making the most of life is about finding personal peace, enjoying family and friends, realizing a purpose, giving back, and passing on wisdom to future generations. The better their diet and health, the longer people can live, thus giving them a greater chance to impact the world. Astonishingly, these “success measures” directly relate to longevity.
    – Success Magazine
  • Know your purpose. Instead of a word for retirement in Okinawa, there is “ikigai” – why do I wake up in the morning? In Costa Rica, it’s “plan de vida” – reason to live.
  • Monday we enjoyed a day at the park – respite from weeks of almost daily afternoon rain, thunder and lightning.
  • Seek wisdom and gain understanding. Better than silver or gold, you’ll find happiness, longevity, riches, honor and peace.
    – Proverbs 3: 13-18
  • He who can reach a child’s heart can reach the world’s heart.
    – Rudyard Kipling
  • Our local fire crews created a large ladder and flag arch for attendees to enter last fall’s 9/11 memorial service.
  • You don’t have to “be inspired” to do the right thing. Just do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Even in our darkest hour – find the many things to be grateful for.
    fb iPad 303h 404w - 2013-07-24 gratitude
  • Music. Last night had me playing the piano to accompany our church’s Men’s Choir, getting ready for Sunday worship. Today has me teaching piano lessons to two retirees fulfilling their bucket list. Tonight I’m privileged to play the piano and coach a young veterinarian in her quest to refine her stage singing presence for activities at a local community theater. God gave me a purpose when he planted the seed of passion for playing the piano.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your failures and vulnerabilities. This is what helps make you human, relatable and likable.
  • Tend to your spiritual life – eternal life.
  • Can you dig it? My boys (young men) had too much fun digging out the root systems of bushes that were interfering with our plumbing drain pipes. It’s always interesting to see the bush is just as big underground (the root system) as it was above ground.
  • Find a de-stressing ritual. Deal with stress through various daily activities, including prayer, social time with family and friends, or taking a nap.