2013-07-21 – Sunday

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  • Several years ago our oldest daughter was adopted from China on July 4th. Ever since then we’ve enjoyed that our whole nation celebrates her “Gotcha Day” aka “Forever Family Day” with fireworks. Thus, our kids crafted Chinese lanterns for Independence Day.
  • Give life, love, grace and acceptance.
    Receive life, love, grace, and acceptance.
  • Saturday finished up a project for a wonderful client.
    Step 1: brass hardware, corroded over years of exposure to ocean breezes
    Step 2: steel wool, lots of elbow grease, powered brass bristle brush
    Step 3: wash, final sanding/polishing, wipe down, and coat
    Step 4: re-install for years of bright brass pleasure
  • If your problem seems too big for you, it’s the perfect sized problem for God!
  • For God & Country
  • But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
  • Live a full, rich life on earth while making certain you spend eternity with Jesus Christ.
    – Zig Ziglar
  • Playing the piano or working in my music studio — I can get lost in time.

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  • Success.
    Are you serving your customers what they really want?
    Or, are you serving what you think they want.
    Lean in and listen to what your customers are asking for!
  • It’s time for your big, bold venture. Take the leap of faith.
  • God can do great things through ordinary people.
    – Robert H. Schuller